Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ahmadinejad was invited to debate by bloggers

Some bloggers invited Ahmadinejad to a debate.They say we are available here in Iran and it is not necessary you invite Bush to a debate.

A reformist journalist invited him to a non censored interview.

All are waiting for Presidential answer!!!


Blogger Francisco Aravena said...

Hey Farid,
I'm a Chilean journalist and I host a radio show here in Chile about international news and media. TODAY we're discussing IRAN, and Im looking for an Iranian who could grant us a 10 minutes phone interview to disuss his or her thoughts on the Iranian government and /or Iranian media.
Could you be that person?
Please contact me as soon as you can at faravenaf@gmail.com
We can coordinate our schedule.
If you can't, could you pass this over to anyone who could?
Thank you very much

Francisco Aravena

10:18 PM  

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