Friday, September 22, 2006

Dutch Money for Regime Change in Iran, this time is in Euro!

According NRC HandelsBlad:Jennifer Windsor, director of Freedom House in the US has confirmed that
it received EUR 630.000 this year from the Dutch ministry of Foreign
Affairs. The Dutch money is meant to be used to set up a web platform
www.goozarorg for members of the Iranian opposition. The newspaper notes
that Freedom House absolutely opposes religious dictatorships such as that
in Iran. NRC also notes that an Iranian satellite channel was declared
illegal in Holland last year on the ground that it was disseminating
hatred. NRC refers to the Financial Times as a source for describing
Freedom House as one of the organisations receiving funding from the US
State Department for clandestine operations in Iran (it also refers to its
past support for the invasion of Iraq). Asked for a reaction, the
Netherlands ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Kees Jan Ouwerkerk
stated that recipients of Foreign Ministry aid could not be identified.
NRC also described an offical Nl program of EUR 15 million supporting a
training program for Iranian journalists, a radio station directing
transmissions at Iran and the World Press photo organisation.

The timing of this leak is interesting: on the same (front) page NRC
described the sensitive state of negotiations between the EU and Iran,
under the header: "Solana positive about nuclear consultations with Iran."


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