Saturday, September 09, 2006

Second Cultural Revolution!

First cultural revolution happened about one year after revolution where leftwing students were attacked by Hizbollah forces. I remember Ayatollah Khomeyni said "we send our young Moslem students to the universities and they become Communists"!! Universities were shut down for two years and many students and professors were fired!One of islamist thinkers who led this "purification" was Dr.Soroush who was kicked out universities a few years later!! By the way, he always denied his role in cultural revolution but others remember him very well.

At present Ahmadinejad calls students to protest against secular professors.After he came to power, many changing happened in academic world. A cleric became head of Tehran University for the first time in history. Islamic Association in universities have been under pressure because most of them do not share Ahmadinejad's policy.Many university professors were obliged to get retired!!

I do not know it is second cultural revolution or not, but it hurts a lot!


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