Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Western Media is an easy target for Iranian opportunists

I think western media is a very easy target to be manipulated by Iranian opportunists. You need to have no value system and to be able to lie in a professional way. The rest of story, western media will do for you. Why? They are TOO LAZY to verify your stories and they are not in touch with reliable Iranian sources.

Who cares! A 10 minutes interview or a piece in an online magazine! We, Iranians, are a kind of fast food products. It is really funny that same magazines accused their own governments to investigate in a wrong Iranian opposition!!!Well, politicians are looking for their interests but what about u, lazy media!

Who cares! Two groups: 1- Many Iranians are really disappointed by stupidity of western media and do not see any interest to be involved with them.
2-Opportunists who jump in this easy business. Why not! Everybody is happy: Lazy journalists have their story for editorial, opportunists get their part of cake, poor western readers get completely upside down story of what really is going in Iran and continue to pay for its journal or send its donation.....



Blogger Winston said...

Hoder the ignorant comes to mind when talking about opportunists

12:30 AM  
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